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Guangzhou guangdong farmers seedlings of new and high science and technology co., LTD., founded in 2002, the company predecessor is the window unit of guangdong province agriculture department stationed in Hong Kong and guangdong farmers (Hong Kong) co., LTD. Company now is the director unit of China association of seed vegetable seeds branch seed association member units, guangdong province, guangzhou seed chamber of commerce governing units, or mountain agricultural technology support service unit, a member of the seed industry fair in guangdong.

Company mainly by Hong Kong's new international advanced agricultural information collection, the introduction of foreign high-quality, fine varieties of agricultural seeds, seedlings, also went to New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Korea, southeast Asia and other places to participate in the international agricultural exchanges and seminars, expand the international market of agricultural products. And has successfully hosted many notable guangdong seed industry exposition of agricultural technology extension station in guangdong province has established the long-term cooperation relationship.

Guangdong agriculture company is the integration of all aspects of the resources advantage of popularizing agricultural science and technology demonstration unit. With professional work, all kinds of professional and technical personnel, with their feet on the ground, to focus on the introduction of agricultural seeds, collect, improvement, training, demonstration and promotion. Company since its inception, the introduction of a large number of vegetables, fruit trees, plant resources, varieties, and through the domestic development and production base developed suitable for different area demands of high quality, leading to resistance to the series of tomato, amaranthine long in tomato and chili of dragon of good varieties. Was more than the national agriculture department evaluation for promoting excellent varieties of vegetables. Since its launch, loved by the masses of farmers, the seeds are in short supply in the market.

The old agriculture in the new era is endowed with new connotation. Agricultural structure adjustment, seeds for agriculture work put forward higher request, popularizing agricultural improved variety demonstration is a long-term work, a long way to go, the company will load and brisk, silent and cultivated, strive for the development of agriculture and agricultural science and technology progress. As agricultural extension unit, not a blockbuster, we would only like filar silk rain, smooth and silent. Company takes the spirit of "integrity, development", continuously improve the service, completes the information transfer function, for agricultural enterprises, farmers to provide quality, efficient, seeds, seedlings to strengthen domestic agriculture and international exchanges and cooperation.